One Eye on the Minute Hand

Well, friends, it’s official. Four Eyes is publicly open for business. I operated for¬†almost a year unadvertised, picking up a contract here and there by referral, revising my contracts and pricing, furnishing my small in-home studio, building and rebuilding this website and a couple of my behind-the-curtain software processes, getting all the requisite government registrations and paperwork in order.

All that’s left is to market. Not my strong suit, but until I can afford a publicist, ah hah, I’ll have to make do.

I ask that you keep me in mind if you need photos taken, if you know people who do, if you think someone you know might, that sort of thing. Meantime I’ll be reaching out to local artists, startups, individuals, the kind of people and organizations I want to work with, and offering them my services. I’ll document some of this here, because one of the marketing tips I keep reading is to offer rich, consistent content. I’ll also share images and details from bookings, because who doesn’t love browsing images and words on the internet? We all need something to browse on the bus or on the toilet.

Be sure when you pitch me to prospective clients to mention I’m running a different special each month.¬†March is 10% off any wedding service.

If you’re reading this at random, i.e. you aren’t already a Four Eyes supporter, you might be my next client. In need of photography services? Drop me a line, let’s work together. Especially if you’re a Vancouver-area artist, musician or entrepreneur. I’m expanding that part of my portfolio, I want to help more local aspirants to represent themselves well visually. I want to capture what you’re about.

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