Terms of Service

Four Eyes welcomes clientele of every age, nationality, belief, orientation, and appearance. Nevertheless, I may refuse service to assholes. Namely, anyone who persists in belligerent, unsafe, or illicit behaviour, or who tries to haggle or demand off-menu services.

Every job I accept is governed by a contract. Although it’s largely a safety net for me and for you in case of accidental and extenuating circumstances, it also guarantees a return for your investment and ensures our interests are protected. It is simple, thorough, and binding.

In plain English, the contract specifies:

Download a PDF copy of the contract here. It is mostly non-negotiable, but I’m open to addressing any concerns you may have. Ultimately, my contract is a token of our trust and obligation to one another. I have no qualms with adding or amending clauses which maintain that collaborative, mutually beneficial spirit.