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One eye on the minute, one eye on eternity.

Whether your event is a weekly concert series, a quarterly dinner, or an annual performance, the moments which comprise it are once in a lifetime. I take a special delight in photographing events. It’s a professional challenge to read a whole room or hall or stage where anything might happen, and an unparalleled payoff to capture the unique connections between people that make it memorable.

I’ve photographed birthday parties, street parties, cultural dinners, athletic club training, education fairs, gallery previews, charity galas, indoor and outdoor concerts, and the ballet, not to mention a bunch of weddings. However detailed your shot list for the evening or however open ended your requirements, I’ve got you covered.

My general rate is $100 per hour. Contact me with your details, in particular the time, place, scale, and charitable or for-profit nature of the event, and I’ll tailor you a quote.