Rehearsal for Life

I recently had the rare and absolute privilege to attend the final dress rehearsal for Ballet BC‘s Program 2, a production of Medhi Walerski‘s Prelude and NATUS. This thanks to Instameet Vancouver and Glenda Ollero, who has established a fruitful partnership with the company that not only made us privy to the rehearsal, but our SLRs privy to it as well. First time they’ve allowed it. I pray not the last. It was, let me tell you, enchanting. Being part of the instameet group meant front row seats for the complete rehearsal. It also got us a backstage glimpse of the director giving notes to the dancers between the two movements. I was part of the last group brought backstage, so I missed the chance to photograph dancers in the wings. . . . more

Letter Impressive

This is the first post in a series I’m calling Vancoeuvre. Get it? The oeuvre of Vancouver? I’m not just a brutal speller. The idea is to feature local artists and craftspeople in their workspaces. Photos at work, photos at rest, and a little history or explanation about the cool work they’re doing. Most of us have felt the satisfaction of creating or fixing something by hand. I want to feature people who actively seek that feeling, in an amateur or professional capacity. Basement startups, local heroes, anyone I can get a hold of who’s making something cool the old fashioned way. Or the new fashioned way. Mostly in an interesting way. If you know anyone or are anyone who fits the bill, drop me a line. It’s a labour . . . more

For The Greater Gatsby

For about a half a year now I’ve been volunteering at the Burnaby Neighbourhood House near Metrotown, in, you guessed it, Burnaby. They run a laundry list of programs and events for families in the area, for individuals, for migrants. It’s the kind of organization that makes you feel like maybe people aren’t so bad after all. They brought me on board to photograph their events, so they can better advertise their services. Picture worth a thousand words and all. A Canadian picture is worth maybe six hundred US words, but never mind. It’s always fun to observe BNH events. Mostly it’s seasonal dinners, sharing cultures nights, that sort of thing. A cozy few dozen people chatting and eating together while the kids play with teenaged volunteers at . . . more

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