A Four Eyes arts image


You make it beautiful, I’ll capture it beautifully.


I fall more in love with Vancouver’s art scene all the time. There’s so much art here, so much dance and music, so much writing, public installations and performances, and so many festivals, that I can hardly keep up. My deep personal interest in the arts has lead to profound professional satisfaction photographing for artists and arts organizations.

Whatever your discipline or presentation, I’ll approach it wholeheartedly, respectfully, and joyfully. It isn’t just another gig for me. I want to observe and reflect on what you’ve created, I want to understand it in my own way, or to be overwhelmed by it. I want to capture not just factual imagery but the sort of impressions an observer might take away in person.

If you represent a registered charity or non-profit organization, I offer significantly discounted rates. Contact me with your details for more info.

Hourly Rate

For jobs which occupy fewer than 6 hours including my travel time, I charge hourly, with a minimum billing for two hours.

Day Rate

For jobs which occupy more than 6 hours, I charge a flat day rate. Events longer than 12 hours are subject to hourly overage.