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Four Eyes

My two eyes plus yours.

I’m Jon. I started Four Eyes in 2015 after developing my creative vision an refining my techniques for nearly a decade. Four Eyes is a registered, licensed business, with contracts that are both simple and thorough. Your investment in me and mine in you is protected by law.

I’m also just plain nice. Hire me and you’re hiring a photographer who genuinely cares about you. Whether you’re camera shy or a natural model, I’ll match your pace. My goal is to put you at ease, to nurture your ideas for true collaboration, and to make our photoshoots as enjoyable for you as they are for me.

Read my Terms of Service, including the full text of my contract and a walkthrough in plain English.

Browse my Equipment Loadout.

If you’re a developing photographer looking to second shoot, or an established wedding photographer looking for experienced backup, drop me a line.